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franz xaver messerschmidt: more

nowadays that efficient search engines rule the internet with about 5'000 hits for fxm, here's just a few links to some more interesting messerschmidt online:


http://www.norbertschmitt.de/messerschmidt/ (german)
tries to group the series, and to imitate some heads - cool!

http://www.art2u.com/news/messerschmidt.html (english)
herb ranharter translated the 1982 book by pötzl-malikova into english.


http://www.belvedere.at/ausstellungen/2002.php (german)
http://www.lemondedesarts.com/2003ExpoMonde.htm (français)
2002-03 exhibition in vienna
http://www.tid.nextroom.at/project.php?id=8 (english)
graphic design of the 2002-03 exhibition in vienna


http://www.latribunedelart.com/Nouvelles_breves_2005/Messerschmidt_2701188.htm (français)
http://www.louvre.fr/llv/oeuvres/detail_actualite.jsp?etc.pp. (français)
http://www.culture.gouv.fr/culture/actualites/communiq/donnedieu/messerschmidt.htm (français)
purchase of #18 by the louvre, paris

http://www.shareholder.com/bid/ReleaseDetail.cfm?ReleaseID=165133 (english)
sotheby's ad for #29


http://www.planet-vienna.com/spots/Palais/damenstift/damenstift.htm (german)
public sculpture by messerschmidt in vienna, 1. bezirk, johannesgasse 15-17

http://worldroots.com/brigitte/wiesenst.htm (german + english)
about messerschmidt's birthplace


still cool: messerschmidt head on slovakian stamp with first day cover
...remembers peter gabriel's «eve»...

http://www.moorsmagazine.com/kunstwerken/messerschmidt.html (dutch)
beautiful pics of #17 and #34

http://users.skynet.be/henrijacobs/depotbot.htm (vlaams)
the widest html-file ever seen - 3 fxm pics


http://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/3775712461/250-5145855-3667404 (japanese)
the 2002 catalogue by krapf - in japan still available.


http://www.akbild.ac.at/?l=en&a=555 (english)
http://www.akbild.ac.at/?l=de&a=567 (german)
after some 200 years, the vienna art academy remembers at last his name...


...you come across more interesting links, please let me know.

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